Create a Small Table

Challenged for space? Create this handy movable and removable drink table on your patio railings using your Rail-EZ mounting system!

If you are challenged for space or are just looking for more convenient places for guests to put drinks when you entertain, a deck or patio railing can be the perfect height to put a handy drink table on your deck.

We are using the Rail-EZ mounting system as the base to hold the table to the railing.



  • 1 Rail-EZ
  • Small table leg or Scaffold connector LINK TO BUY
  • 3 screws (may come with leg)
  • Slice of wood or small square shelf LINK TO BUY 


  • Screwdriver



1. Remove the leveling foot from the leg if required. 

 2. Place the leg in a suitable position on the bottom of the table.

 3. Secure the leg in place with the #8 or #10 x 3/4" long screws. 

4. Your table is ready to go!

5. Set up the Rail-EZ with the instructions provided and insert your table into the Rail-EZ holder.

6. Tighten your table assembly into the Rail-EZ holder.

7. Enjoy!