What sizes of railings can the NEW Rail-EZ NextGen fit? 

The Rail-EZ NextGen can fit railings widths between 1 1/2" and 6" (3.8 cm to 15.24cm)  and thicknesses between 5/8" and 2-1/2"(1.6cm to 6.35cm)

Make sure to check out the handy fit guide below to see how to measure your railing

Rail-EZ NextGen Fit Chart

Rail-EZ NextGen Good to fit

Rail-EZ NextGen Won't fit image

What sizes of railings can the ORIGINAL Rail-EZ fit? 

The Rail-EZ can fit railings widths between 1-5/8" and 6" (4.12cm to 15.24cm) and thicknesses between 7/8" and 2-1/2"(2.22cm to 6.35cm)

Make sure to check out the handy fit guide below to see how to measure your railing

FIt guide - will fit Rail-EZ
Fit Guide- Will not fit

How big of a pole can fit in the Rail-EZ ?

The Rail-EZ will hold a pole up to 1 1/2” (38mm) to a minimum diameter of 5/8”
If you pole is larger than that it will not work in the Rail-EZ 

How big of an umbrella can I use ?

You can use small to REALLY big umbrellas (10, 12, 15 foot)
However we recommend using the System in the "Extended" position when using Umbrellas over 8 feet

Will this work on aluminum railings as well as wood ?

Yes, The Rail-EZ works on all types of railings even the ones you buy at the home improvement stores such as "Regal Railings". Check out our handy FIT GUIDE to see in more detail. 

What do you mean by the "Extended" and "Suspended" Position?

There are also two ways you can use the Rail-EZ system.
1) "Suspended" which just uses the top of the umbrella (bottom pole is not needed) 

2) "Extended" where you put the umbrella pole all the way to the deck. The "Extended" configuration also adds support to a weak railing or when using big umbrellas.

3) In that case where your Umbrella Pole does not reach to the deck we have a BOTTOM BRACKET that can be used to solve this problem! 

Rail-EZ fully supports your patio umbrella

Do I need rungs on my railing to make this work?

No, it can work if your railing has rungs or glass below it. As long as your railing is min of 1-5/8" wide up to 6" wide and 7/8" high up to 2-1/2" high (thick)  and has a lip at least 3/8 inch either side it will work! 

Does Rail-EZ work on a completely round railing?

YES! You just need to pair it with the Bottom Bracket- We have a kit especially made for this!

Is it ok to have a gap between the railing and the Rail-EZ ?

This is a quick video to show you how easy it is to install and the 4 key contact points you want to make when installing your Rail-E

Won’t a strong wind rip my umbrella off my railing - twist, torque, and wreck my railing?

We tested the Rail-EZ under extreme conditions and the system is designed to release before it would ever damage your railing SEE TESTS HERE 

However, it is important to understand is that the Rail-EZ is not a solution to keeping your patio umbrella up in the wind :)  As with a traditional patio umbrella stand or base, it is advised that you remove your umbrella in high winds.

How can this work for shade, only half the umbrella is over the deck? 

That would hold true if the sun was only ever overhead, but the sun moves depending on the time of day, and that’s what makes the Rail-EZ system extremely effective in targeting exactly where you want shade since you can easily move it! This works even better if your umbrella can tilt, then you are 100% covered

Rail-EZ Patio Umbrella Mounting System blocks most sun

What’s the weight capacity for Rail-EZ?

We were able to apply 45 FTP of torque without any damage to the Rail-EZ or the railing itself. These tests were in the suspended configuration, without using the umbrella pole. Fully extended to the patio floor for additional support, this configuration would be much stronger 

How much wind can a typical Patio umbrella take and how does this compare to that?

Most umbrellas have some type of base, in which the pole sits. The base adds more support and keeps the upper portion of the umbrella from tilting to one side. Most outdoor umbrellas cannot withstand the pressure from a 20 mph wind. We did tests and a traditional umbrella stand took about 7.5 pounds of pressure before it tipped over- The same umbrella in the Rail-EZ took about 23 pounds so it can withstand about 3x the weight or wind velocity. We've done a lot of tests and were able to put 23 lbs of side pressure at the top of a standard umbrella pole before the Rail-EZ flexed enough to release from the railing. In comparison, a standard 45 lbs base can only take 7.3 lbs before the umbrella and base fall over.

Will the Rail-EZ scratch my railing? 

We have lined the Rail-EZ with UHMW Pads (a soft and slippery kind of plastic) this protects your railing and prevents it from denting or scratching